The owner of Animal Lovers Pet Shop just got a delivery of 315 bags of cat food and you need to put the bags on 9 shelves. How many bags will be put on each shelf? Explain the long division steps you used to find your answer.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Don't know if you still need help butIf there is 315 bags of cat food you would divide it by the number of shelves so it would be 315 divided by 9 which is 35Step-by-step explanation: [tex]9\sqrt 315[/tex] (sorry if it looks different) so you would do 9 divided by 31 and since 31 goes into 9 three times you would put a 3 over the 3 in 315 and subtract 27 (since 9 times 3 is 27 and it does not go into 31 equally) from 31 and it will equal 4 so then you bring the 5 down from 315 and put is beside the 4 so then you will have 45 divide by 9 and since 9 goes into 45 five times and it exactly equals 45 you would put the 5 on top beside the 3 above 315. So your answer would be: There will be exactly 45 bags of cat food on each shelf.I tried to put as much detail as possible sorry its kind of a lot. If its hard to understand here is a picture of what it should look like