Can you please answer to this question I really need help please I need it right now please this is 4 time I was sending this question please help show work please

Accepted Solution

Answer:Total number of baseball game players =(p) =[tex]16[/tex].Step-by-step explanation:Let the total number of baseball players be (p).So as we have been given that,[tex]\frac{3}{4}[/tex] of them have taken bottle of water.And this [tex]\frac{3}{4}[/tex] is also equivalent to [tex]12[/tex].So we can say that [tex]\frac{3}{4} \times (p) = 12[/tex]From here we can find the value of (p).To find (p) multiply both sides with [tex]4[/tex] and divide with [tex]3[/tex].Now[tex](p)=\frac{12\times 4}{3}=16[/tex]So here we have the total number of baseball players that is (p) and [tex]p=16[/tex].We can also say that the number of players who have taken box of juice at the end of the game [tex]=(16-12)=4[/tex].